Monday September 16, 2019
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SPIN Farming
Watch a 3 minute video of how SPIN-Farming was used to create a model urban farm in Philadelphia, PA.
IN THEIR OWN WORDS: "I operate Amy's Farm with my daughter Amy. I attended the first SPIN farming conference with Wally and Gail and Will Allen in Wisconsin four years ago. At the time we were looking to transition into something more sustainable than a CAFO."
SPIN Gardening
Turn your garden into a significant food source with SPIN-Gardening™

Meet a SPIN farmer and
master of many trades!

Ed Garrett, Davis CA

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Why would an agriculturalist with 30+ years experience, multiple degrees (latest is a BS from UC Davis in International Agriculture Development), a career that combined successful and profitable self-employment mixed with semi-conventional employment, and a resume 6 pages long want to teach SPIN-Farming? Because SPIN-Farming does not pretend that the economics of farming are the same as they ever were. Because it is based on meeting the growing demand for local food from urban and suburban markets. Because it turns urbanization to the farmer’s advantage. Because it allows people, at any stage of life, to start a farm of their own by serving the land and their customers instead of debt. Because it is attracting a broad mix of people, reflecting America’s increasing diversity. Because it works.

Ed is in a good position to know. His professional experience has covered a lot of bases. Large farm manager. Livestock Auction Director. State Fair Executive. Agricultural Lab Technician. Property and Business Developer for an organic truck farm, organic medicinal herb grower and a commercial rhizome producer. Sheep Groomer. Construction Manager. Basic Electrical Repair and Woodworking Instructor. Soil and Plant Science Tutor. Sacramento Examiner Blogger. Small Farm Owner.

Where it is all coming together is at his 4.5 acre Fresh Spin Farms in Davis, CA where Ed is using SPIN to create a working farm, education center and base camp for food initiatives with the local food bank and Farm to School program.

Over his years of experience Ed has seen a lot of what works, as well as what needs to change. The planet and people have always been part of farming’s triple bottom line, but what has been missing for too long is profit. Ed is now spreading the word on SPIN-Farming because he has seen how it can be used to start an income-producing farm quickly and efficiently.

SPIN Corps

How can you join the SPIN Corps?

SPIN Corps members need at least one season of generating income with SPIN-Farming. The next steps are explained in this guide.