Carrot Production for Early Spring Sales

Courtesy of John Y. John’s Backyard Garden, Missoula MT
Wally’s garlic experiment sounds like our carrot experiment. When I looked at last year’s overall sales I saw the best opportunity appeared to be more carrot sales earlier in the season. So I planted seeds in 128-cell trays a few weeks ago and are taking them outside this weekend. Our winter was pretty mild and temps last week and this week in the 60’s F so hoping the transplants will make it.

Like Wally, we had left-over carrots from last fall. We left about half a row in the ground  over the winter. When prepping the garden last week, we were surprised to find that about 90% of the carrots were not only good, but great! Sweet, juicy, and delicious.

I think combining fall plantings with spring transplants might be the answer to improved carrot production and increased sales for our garden.

Crop Profiles carrots 9