Spring Garlic Planting

Courtesy of Wally S., Wally’s Urban Market Garden, Saskatoon, SK
We didn’t have a chance to plant our hardneck garlic in the fall time, so we overwintered it  inside in cool/dark conditions in the basement. We did something ” crazy ” today and cracked it, and planted into jiffy pots. The garlic seemed to be breaking dormancy, and the quality of the garlic was degrading, so we figured the best way to save it was to plant it in jiffy pots, instead of waiting probably another month before we can plant outdoors. Will see what happens. Might even sell it as bedding plants at market.

Old time garlic growers tell me you can plant hardneck in the spring, so it should be
interesting. We will also be planting softneck in the spring. We get some cheap silver skin type garlic from the local seed store, for around $4.00/lb., if you buy at least 50 lbs. Good for green garlic, fresh garlic, and mature garlic sales.