Easy Money: Arugula, Cilantro and Dill

Courtesy of Wally S., Wally’s Urban Market Garden, Saskatoon, SK
Looking forward to another backyard harvest of arugula, cilantro and dill this week. Dill on left, two beds of cilantro in middle, and arugula on right.

SPIN photo dill and cilantro

After this cut, arugula beds will be tilled in and replanted to another crop. Cilantro and dill are solid week after week sellers, so I like having fresh plantings to tap into, so we also have plantings of these crops in our peri-urban plot.

At our last Sunday’s market, just these two items accounted for probably 1/4 of our sales. These crops are one of the easier ways to make money.

Dill is “Just Great”

When SPIN develops a seed line, dill is sure to be in the “Just Great” offering. It checks all the boxes:

  • easy to sell
  • easy to process
  • trouble-free
  •  multi-cut potential
  • relay potential

This backyard 2 ft. x 25 ft.  bed is supplying me with dill now, and I have two additional beds that will be producing in a few weeks. I will also be planting more dill beds in the next few weeks. I aim for continuous production pretty much throughout the season. Four row 20 inch beds planted with the chard plate work for me. I aim for continuous production throughout most of the season.

SPIN photo dill planting


I did not even wash the last harvest. I just gave the bed a harvest haircut, cooled and bagged. I can harvest multiple times from the same planting. I sell dill the same way as my other crops – using SPIN’s mix and match pricing scheme.