SPIN-Farming at Georgia Organics Conference 2017

You have a calling to farm but …you have no land, no money, no experience.                                              No Problem! Be a SPIN farmer!  

Learn how to start a first year income-producing farm in the city, suburbs or small town without huge investment and without having to own any land with SPIN-Farming  at this year’s Georgia Organics conference Friday. February 17, 2pm – 5 pm.  Register at conference.georgiaorganics.org

Workshop Title                                                                                                                       SPIN-Farming: How It Works and What You Can Achieve

Workshop Description
Learn the basics of SPIN (s-mall p-lot in-tensive) Farming, an easy-to-replicate, non-technical, organic-based vegetable farming system that makes it possible to earn $50,000+gross from 20,000 sq.ft.

Learning Objectives
1. How to greatly reduce the amount of land you need to 20,000 sq. ft. or less
2. How to get land without having to buy it
3. How to make minimal investment
4. How to design a sub-acre land base to get maximum yields and income
5. How to manage the workflow of an owner/operated farm without outside labor
6. How to identify and choose sales channels
7. How to set pricing strategies for your produce
8. How to use SPIN’s relay growing technique to multiply revenue 2,3 or more times from the same plot
9. How to use SPIN’s benchmarks to set measurable goals to continually gauge your progress and make small,continual course corrections throughout the season

Leave with the SPIN planning formula for calculating how much land you need, and how many units you need to produce, to achieve your 2017 revenue target.

Workshop Instructor                                                                                                              Lee McBride  

Lee McBride is a Technical Assistance Provider at Crotovina, where he works individually with about fifteen beginning farmers and ranchers, providing farm-specific assistance on everything from production methods to accessing capital and equipment to dealing with regulations and paperwork.

Lee found SPIN-Farming in 2006 and it became the impetus for his garden coaching and farm mentoring career. After implementing the SPIN methods slowly, over time, at the CASA Community Garden in Huntsville AL and proving the concepts, Lee believes SPIN is the one method that can feed people and create economic opportunity all over the south. He became a SPIN-Farming isntructor in 2011.

Lee has worked with over one hundred fifty farmers, many of whom are new and beginning farmers from all backgrounds for the past seven years in Alabama. As the Local Food Coordinator and as Director of Local Food for the North Alabama Farm Food Collaborative, Lee helped 21 farmers achieve Harmonized GAP certification. While working with support organizations such as Cooperative Extension to develop training materials to help farmers maintain the food safety certifications.

See why using a performance-based system like SPIN-Farming increases your chances of success by keeping you focused on just what matters most to establishing and operating a business.

Launch a farm business in a way that  is:  $ Affordable   $ Manageable   $ Scalable  with SPIN-Farming.

Register today at conference.georgiaorganics.org

By making farm startup fast and easy, SPIN-Farming opens up the profession to many more people who otherwise wold not think it was an option for them.

By making farm startup fast and easy, SPIN-Farming opens up the profession to many more people who otherwise wold not think it was an option for them.

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