The Right Tiller for the Mature Woman Farmer

Courtesy of Barb McK, Mountain View Meadows Farm, Elbert CO
I’m 5’1″ and 50 this year. Not as thin as I once was either. I have an older BCS that was gifted to me by my father. I think they are awesome. Mine has the electric start. Can’t beat an electric start for us more mature gals. I am darned sure my BCS is nearly 20 years, old and it is still running strong. I get a tune up every few years and replace the battery once in a while when it doesn’t start up as fast as it should. That thing is a work horse. I also have a smaller tiller with front tines that is a pull start. NOT my favorite tool at all. My sons like to play with that one. I grow on a small area here, about 1/4 acre, and I’ve been more than happy with my BCS.