There are 5 crops customers can’t get enough of, that are easy to grow regardless of your location, and that are guaranteed to make you money. Pioneering urban farmer Wally Satzewich shows how to build a business with them in this 1 hour instant learning session.   Ripping pages from the Crop Profile guide for each of these 5 classic SPIN crops he provides data on:

✔ Days to harvest

✔ Design

✔ Planting

✔ Yield

✔ Seeding

✔ Cost

✔ Revenue

Plus he lays out 2 farm plans:

Small farm (5,000 sq. ft.)gross  revenue = $43k

Large farm (20,000 sq. ft.) gross revenue  = $123k

There’s nothing special about these crops, and there’s not a micro among them.  Get the plans, and more importantly, the thinking behind them here.