Workin’ Your Relays


It’s the most misunderstood aspect of SPIN-Farming: relay cropping. It is often confused with crop rotation, which keys off the seasons and is used to maintain soil health and control pests. It’s also thought of as succession planting, which is used to produce more of the same crop throughout the season. While it might look similar in execution to these common growing techniques, its goal is much different: to maximize revenue

Relay cropping is what puts intensive into s-mall p-lot in-tensive. It’s what turns small plots into a big business. When mastered, this growing technique produces a significant amount of food. What that requires? Continuous production for the longest possible time throughout the season. What it doesn’t require? A lot of land. That has been the SPIN breakthrough: it greatly reduces the amount of land needed for commercial crop production. A SPIN farmer thinks in terms of square feet not acres. Their land base is no bigger than many backyards. Perhaps one like yours.

If changing times has got you to thinking about how to turn your yard into a significant food source for you, your family and neighbors, and maybe even a home- based business, see what relay cropping is all about here.