Saturday May 25, 2019
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SPIN Farming
Watch a 3 minute video of how SPIN-Farming was used to create a model urban farm in Philadelphia, PA.
IN THEIR OWN WORDS: "In spite of all of my research and passion, I have felt overwhelmed and clueless when it comes right down to actually doing it..."
SPIN Gardening
Turn your garden into a significant food source with SPIN-Gardening™

Meet a SPIN farmer who’s
connecting with her past!

Brenda Sullivan, Glastonbury, CT

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Like many of us, Brenda Sullivan grew up on farm stories, rather than a farm. She did not have to go too far back to find her farming heritage, though. Her father grew up on a farm, and he was the first generation to leave it. Her grandparents were the last to farm on her mother’s side of the family. But all previous generations dating back to the 1500’s were farmers on both sides. They were among the first families to go west in covered wagons looking for better land. But Brenda found her farmland right in her own backyard.

It was Brenda’s daughter, Katie, who led her back to growing food. Katie had to be on the Ketogenic diet to control seizures. The children’s hospital strongly recommended Brenda grow her own vegetables because food manufacturers could not be depended on to be honest about what they added to their products. Katie is no longer on that diet, but Brenda is grateful that it – and SPIN-Farming – helped launch her farming career.

After food gardening for 16 years in South Glastonbury CT, Brenda needed to supplement the family income due to the economic down turn. Because she cared for Katie, she needed a business that kept her close to home. So, using SPIN-Farming, she transformed her backyard into a 1,300 square foot farm, and she now sells her greens and specialty vegetables to restaurants and at two farmers’ markets. She’s a perfect role model for others like her who are turning to farming to re-skill, lower their grocery bills and plug the gaps that have been showing up in more and more household budgets.

Brenda now gives workshops to help others like her get SPIN farms in and off the ground.

SPIN Corps

How can you join the SPIN Corps?

SPIN Corps members need at least one season of generating income with SPIN-Farming. The next steps are explained in this guide.