Saturday May 25, 2019
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SPIN Farming
Watch a 3 minute video of how SPIN-Farming was used to create a model urban farm in Philadelphia, PA.
IN THEIR OWN WORDS: "I have a small working homestead that helps support my husband and myself, but I want to grow into a micro-farm business"
SPIN Gardening
Turn your garden into a significant food source with SPIN-Gardening™

Meet a permie SPIN farmer!

Shad Qudsi, Tzununa Guatemala

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After graduating from Johns Hopkins University with a double major in Applied Math and Psychology, Shad Qudsi landed the corporate dream job but knew right away it was not for him. For Shad and his soon-to-be wife Colleen, following their dream led them to the north shore of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. There they purchased a very small farm located in the traditional Mayan village of Tzununa and established Atitlan Organics, a SPIN and Permaculture-inspired, homestead that sells fresh fruits and vegetables to over 50 families, employs three full-time workers and maintains a profitable operating base all year round.

Shad is an avid permie. With Permaculture, he found a way to apply ideals he believed in to daily life. But what was missing was a way to make a living. There is only limited profit potential in teaching Permaculture, and what good is it to teach change at a two week retreat, only to send students back out to the status quo where they have to check their values at the door when they go to work? What attracted Shad to SPIN-Farming in addition to its low-input production model and efficient use of small land bases, was its business model.

At Atitlan Organics, Shad’s income-producing SPIN plots are nestled very beautifully into his whole farm design which mainly focuses on greens, dairy goats and a large edible and useful plant nursery. Now he is sharing his experience and knowledge with others. If you’d like to learn SPIN-Farming in a place where the sun almost always shines, visit Shad at Atitlan Organics.

SPIN Corps

How can you join the SPIN Corps?

SPIN Corps members need at least one season of generating income with SPIN-Farming. The next steps are explained in this guide.