Teach the Business of Growing Food

Equip your students with the ability to grow, harvest, value and sell food with a program that is:

$ Established
$ Proven
$ Respected
$ Appropriate for all education levels
$ Entrepreneurially-driven
$ Performance-based

Teach the profit-driven, performance-based, internationally-developed SPIN-Farming programs that are used by entrepreneurial growers throughout e US and Canadian growing zones and across urban, peri-urban, suburban and rural markets.

Principles of the SPIN-Farming Learning Program

✔Applied entrepreneurialism
✔Replicable system
✔Standardized process
✔Step-by-step implementation plan
✔Day-by-day schedules
✔Achievable well defined, milestones
✔Measurable outcomes
✔Rapid advancement
✔Triple bottom line benefits

SPIN-Farming Program Outline

Learning tasks include: planning, market analysis, investment, budgeting, seed ordering, garden layout, expense/income projections, planting, harvesting, processing, basic food safety, unitizing, pricing, marketing, salesmanship, replanting, market development and expansion, cash flow, ROI.

Level 1 targets income of up to $200 within 2 weeks of planting, using 100 sq. ft.

Level 2 targets income of up to $1,300 within 2 weeks of planting, using 1,000 sq. ft.

Level 3 targets income of up to $1,300 every 2 weeks for an entire season of continuous production, using 2,000 sq. ft.

Valuable addition to any current gardening or farming curriculum – from early learning to collegiate!

For pricing and more details, email Roxanne Christensen