Wednesday August 21, 2019
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SPIN Farming
Watch a 3 minute video of how SPIN-Farming was used to create a model urban farm in Philadelphia, PA.
SPIN Gardening
Donít want to grow for money, but do want to turn your plot into a significant food source? Then SPIN-Gardening™ is for you!
SPIN Makes Agriculture Accessible to Anyone, Anywhere

SPIN Testimonials

"With SPIN, I don't have to leave home. I'm here, making money."

- Brenda Sullivan, Thompson Street Farm
Glastonbury CT

"SPIN-Farming enables you to earn a living on land you don't own. I grossed $20,000 my first year, with no prior growing experience. I'm now in my fifth year and have exceeded the $50,000 gross income benchmark."

- Curtis Stone, Green City Acres
Kelowna BC


"We had hit a wall with traditional agriculture..."

"I fenced off a half-acre and laid irrigation according to the SPIN model. Next I built a system of pathways connecting 11 different sections, all containing SPIN beds of 2 feet wide by varying lengths of 25 feet to 70 feet. Our goal is to reach the $1,000/week level to match the SPIN benchmark of $50K from a half-acre. 7 weeks into this year we are at the $500/week level."

- Randy Bekendam, Amy's Farm
Ontario CA

"I wanted to give $10,000 to my daughter for a wedding present, and I raised it with SPIN-Farming. I produced it growing and selling salad mix, and my daughter was very happy. I've been SPIN-Farming ever since."

- Linda Borghi, Abundant Life Farm
Walker Valley NY

"I love the SPIN guides - they have provided me with so much valuable information, and a completely new perspective on growing.

- Jennifer Miller
Calgary BC

"We started our SPIN farm to support our neighborhood 650 sq. ft. grocery store..."


"I am really pleased with how the SPIN model really provides a workable model to make a living wage farming. I had a couple of other friends in Salt Lake try backyard farming this year too, but they didn't follow SPIN methods, and they were definitely not doing as well as I did in their first year."

- Sharon Leopardi, BUG Farms
Salt Lake City UT

"SPIN gave me a whole new way to think about farming. That is, farming with an eye to real income, without needing the investment of large acres and huge debt. As a long-time grower for family and friends, I never thought I was "big" enough to be a farmer. SPIN was my "Ah ha!" moment."

- Barb McKillip, Mountain View Meadow Farm
Elbert CO

"SPIN was a wonderful find because I was in the middle of "inventing" the same such concept and set of materials. It was a neighbor and now fellow SPINner who introduced me to it (thanks to Michael!) and it shaved at least six months off my farm development and formation. The openness and tips we continue to share with each other are such a blessing."

-Paige Hill, Urban Patchwork Farms
Austin TX

"We're SPIN-in
in a community gardening setting..."

"SPIN-Farming can create jobs all over the south, particularly in the state of Alabama, with the least capital outlay and using small scale to its fullest effect."

- Lee McBride, Foodscapes Inc.
Huntsville AL

"SPIN-Farming shows you how to make a profit by effectively managing your land base, resources and work flow, and get to market fast. Your learning curve goes from years and decades, to days, weeks and months."

- John Sealander, Blue Ribbon Eggs
Franklin NC

"I have used your guides this year to direct my farming plans and production plans. These guides are a great help to new second career farmers, as well for farmers like myself who grew up on a big monoculture crop farm."

- Bob Balloch, The Fresh Veggies
Brampton ON

"These guides are a great help to new second career farmers..."

"The SPIN system has given a lot of young people the opportunity to return to their roots....or start a whole new career in agriculture! Speaking for myself I can say that SPIN has given us the opportunity to continue doing what we love...being stewards of the land...We had hit a wall with traditional agriculture, but now we have found our way again through SPIN!"

- Tim Schultz, The Green Ranch
Osage SK

"We sold out every week in our little town. Our profits are modest, so far, but rewards are high. Our customers keep telling us how much they like our produce and appreciate us for making very fresh, good tasting produce available to them at a fair price. That gives my wife, son and I such a good feeling, that I finally know what I want to do when I grow up. Thank you for developing your small scale methods for the little guy to follow."

- Mike, Anne and Michael McAleenan, Annie Mack's Produce
Crescent City CA

"I am a part-time SPIN farmer with a 2,000 sq. ft. plot. I also operate a PostNet printing franchise. I sell at the Saturday Farmer's market every week. Total sales year to date are $1,200. Not bad for a newbie part-timer who was mowing that space just a year ago."

- John Yovetich, Nick's Backyard Farm
Missoula MT

"As a long time grower for family and friends, I never thought I was "big" enough to be a farmer..."

"As a newbie, I assure you, you'll have failures and successes, as far as what sells and what grows. I am so happy I have started using the SPIN methods. They really work."

- Nate Clark, Good Earth Gardens
Harrisonburg VA

"I love the SPIN guides. They've been incredibly helpful. For me, my takeaway from the guides was (1) an approach to growing in a systematic way and (2) a good marketing approach. And we love being involved in our local market. I've enjoyed building up some regular customers and getting to talk about our product."

- Chad Butler, Butler Family Farm
Aurora IL

"I have waded through vast tonage of imprecise and generalist chaff looking for kernels of wheat. But not a problem with the SPIN guides. They have vitually zero chaff. Using the SPIN guides as solid intros for people with little or no familiarity with commercial, urban organic farming as a business, I just don't know anything better."

- James Kalin, Virtually Green
San Francisco CA

"SPIN helped address critical community issues "

"One thing I've learned about SPIN is that is it adaptable. You can fit what you learn in the guides and support group to your unique situation. People frequently post that this is one of the most helpful listservs they have ever been associated with, and I heartily agree."

- Julie Gahn, Community Garden Coordinator
Tahlequah OK

Join In!

These are people just like you, except they are earning income as SPIN farmers and are known, trusted and respected in their communities for providing good, healthy fresh food. Join them and share in their knowledge, advice and expertise in the SPIN Online Suport group. Your membership is free, when you purchase any SPIN guide. BUY NOW.