SPIN’s Revenue Targeting Formula

Courtesy of Roxanne C., co-author, SPIN-Farming, Philadelphia, PA

SPIN’s revenue targeting formula is where all of the SPIN concepts come together. Here are the steps to apply the formula:
1) Determine the number of standard size beds in the plot.
2) Determine which beds will be intensive relayed, bi-relayed and planted to single crops.
3) Calculate the income potential of each area, based on the worth of a high-value crop Example:

A farmer couple working a 1 acre plot, with help from 1 or 2 interns
1 acre plot = 480 standard size beds
100 intensive relay beds = 100 x $300 = $30,000 gross
100 bi-relay beds = 100 x $200 = $20,000 gross
280 single crop beds = 280 x $100 = $28,000
Total Revenue Target: $78,000 gross

SPIN-Farming is an exercise in figuring out how much money you want to make, and then determining how to allocate your land base to the different areas of cropping intensity to achieve the targeted income.