Restaurant Sales

Courtesy of Lee McB., Foodscapes Inc. Huntsville, AL
To set restaurant prices, you must know what your costs of production are and your expected return on investment. You can sell at any price, a huge key to sustainability is profit. Restaurants can be goldmines. Restaurants can be a very difficult market. Each sale is chef-driven. At the end of the day knowing what you need and want from the sale of X volume will help you tremendously. Do not let them stretch you out on payment if you do decide to work with them.

Can you have them market you through to the restaurant patron? Advertizing and the inferred excellence that can be conveyed to the patrons are well worth a discount on what is usually a low to mid level volume sale. Provide them with stock photos of you and your family farm let them spend the money to create posters or table top informational pieces on you and your farm.

Take it slow, evaluate one restaurant at a time.