How Good a Boss Are You?

Courtesy of Roxanne C, Philadelphia PA

Among the top reasons people become SPIN farmers is they want to be their own boss. But that doesn’t mean they are good ones. Managing yourself requires a different skill set from managing employees, but it’s a skill set just the same.

What are the signs that you’re not being a good boss of yourself? Vague commitments:  “I want this to flow into a full-time business some day.” Frequent excuses: “No one will buy a CSA share from me in my first year in business.” Cop-outs: “I can skip the market just this once.”  Indulgences: “Acquaponics is so cool, and I have the space.” Complacency: “As long as I cover the bills, I’m ok.”

Whether you need to get over the first hump, or take your business to the next level, one way to make sure 2019 is all you want it to be is follow these 7 steps:
1) quantify your goals
2) be sure they are realistic
3) write them down
4) share them with someone else
5) break them down to specific tasks
6) create a timetable for completing them
7) meet regularly with someone who’s been over much the same ground to review your   progress

Where there is a way, there is not always the will. Beginners and pro’s alike can benefit from having someone other than themselves to be accountable to, whether that be a SPIN coach or a mentor. Look for someone who is experienced enough to know what is possible, so that you don’t under or overachieve, and what is practical, so that you work towards being effective rather than perfect.

In 2019, celebrate your s-mall p-lot in-dependence, but don’t always go it alone.

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