Starting a farm in a community garden plot


What’s the formula for starting and maintaining a five figure farm on a few community garden plots, all the while juggling kids and a 9 to 5 job? There isn’t one, but here’s the next best thing – a one hour behind-the-scenes tour of Clean Spade Urban Farm. It’s a classic application of the well-known SPIN model: urban, premium crops, savvy branding and direct marketing. What its owner/operator, Caroline Barrington, has added is…herself.

Caroline trained as a nutritionist, so her food knowledge is health-focused and convincing, and her sales pitch is genuine. See how her improvisational marketing approach is serving her well. especially now and how she has assembled a loyal 4-woman work crew that handles a lot of the day-to-day farm tasks, from weeding to prepping the 27 different crops she grows, and how a community gardener turned pro here.

 If it’s so fresh it actually tastes good, then people buy it, eat it immediately and feel good. That’s kind of my whole purpose. I know that they’re going to feel like a million bucks if they eat my food.” –Caroline Barrington