Farm Design: Easy as 1-2-3

Design with your brain, not your eyes

Your best garden tool isn’t in the shed. It’s design. In 3 steps, urban farming pioneer Wally Satzewich shows you how to turn a garden into a farm that is easy to:


work physically


make mid-season changes

sell sizeable harvests

In this 1 hour learning session, what will not surprise you: there are many design factors to consider. What will:  how easy it is to decide what to grow where and when. Find out just how easy smart farm design can be, , without a fancy app or complicated software. All you need is the computer between your ears.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s urban, suburban, or rural. You can tell a productive, high-earning backyard farm just by looking at it.” –Wally Satzewich

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March 3, 2024