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Farm to Vase. Slow Flowers. Floral Foraging. Handcrafted Heirlooms. Seasonal Blooms. The 50 Mile Bouquet. Sound sort of familiar? All the groundbreaking trends that powered the local food market into the mainstream are now doing the same for local flowers.

In 1 hour learn why it’s a great time to get into the business, from special guest Debra Prinzing, founder of the Slow Flower movement, and meet a flower farmer-in-the-making and get the list of flowers she grows, and see the step-by-step plan for how she can turn it into a $33k backyard-scale business.

While the local food movement has gotten all the glory, flowers are finally coming into their own. Consumers are looking for affordable indulgences, and if you have a desire to build a career in the floral industry, now is a good time to indulge it.

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April 14, 2021
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