Growing a Business in a Backyard Garden

A farm dream comes true

In 3 short years Dylan House went from calling himself a square foot gardener to the lettuce guy. He believes each seed he plants represents opportunity. Opportunity to grow, to realize a full potential, to start a journey as one thing and be transformed into something completely different. In Dylan’s case his garden transformed him into a farmer and entrepreneur, once he started looking at it, and learned to grow in it, like a SPIN farmer. Now he sees huge business potential in serving the food needs of his community and is starting to reap the financial rewards.

See how a backyard garden is being transformed into a full-time farm business that so far has generated $13k/year in this classic implementation of the SPIN-Farming model.

“Instead of being a glorified gardener, for the first time I am growing on a professional level, and it feels good.”—Dylan House

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July 21, 2024