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Starting out urban doesn’t mean you have to stay that way

Ryan Mason started out with 15 city plots and scaled up to 5.5 rural acres. Along the way he’s gone from pedal-power to tractors, committing to organics, managing a $90k payroll, and becoming a significant supplier to one of Canada’s largest online delivery services.

Although Ryan’s plots are now way bigger, and he’s added several zeroes to his revenue, just about all the intensive growing techniques and SPIN concepts he used in the city have stayed the same, and the sales channels he established as an urban farmer continue to be serviced with his larger rural operation.. The business, however, has changed quite a lot. Tune in to find out all the demands you will have to deal with if you are scaling up, and why starting out as an urban farmer increases your chances of succeeding on a larger scale rural one.

“Urban farming gave me tools to use for intensive use of the land. We are still working in that model.”—Ryan Mason

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