Workin’ Your Niche

What’s Special About You?

Niche is what SPIN farmers have always been and how we’ve competed. But the business environment is different now. Availability of specialty and exotic crops is everywhere. The local foods industry is now worth billions. Large supermarket chains sell billions worth of organic products. What made us special isn’t so special any more.

Building and maintaining a niche now takes more thought, calibration, and constant re-evaluation. That’s what this 1 hour session with Wally Satzewich, who has run a successful full-time niche farm business for 30+ years, shows you how to do.

No numbers. No formulas. Just ideas, strategies, perspective, lots of choices and a few ways to narrow them down. Demographics. Product life cycles. Food trends. Growing strategies. Find out how to use these to define, manage and revamp your niche to keep your cash flowing and your business strong.

A niche is as unpredictable as the weather and affects your business just as much. –Wally Satzewich

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April 30, 2024