DIY Portable Sprinklers Get the Job Done

Courtesy of John Greenwood, JNJ Farms, Macomb IL

When it comes to SPIN-Farming irrigation, keep it flexible, cheap, crop-specific and portable. That’s especially important if you are farming multiple yards, like John Greenwood of JNJ Farms in Macomb IL. Here’s how he made his sprinkler system.

I buy a stick in ground Shepherd’s Hook. Then I cut of the hook part. I then take 3/4 inch pvc about 6-7 feet tall and put on 1/2 inch thread adapter and screw in sprinkler head. I hook it to the garden hose at bottom.

The sprinkler head was bought as a kit from Walmart on close out for $ each. I bought 4 kits so I will have extra heads. There are probably better heads available but
these work.

I use these with hydrant and portable water tank with pump. If I wanted to set it up permanently I’d use 1 inch pvc.

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