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How do you start an income producing home-based, backyard or urban farm?

Here’s the answer – 8 case study models based on actual experience that illustrate a different context, scale and crop repertoire. Each will help you see how you can get a backyard farm business in and off  the ground quickly, affordably and successfully, working alone, or with family and friends. Mix and match them to create a farm that fits into your lifestyle, life cycle and location.

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Each guide is delivered as a pdf for immediate download.

Your purchase comes with a free trial membership in the SPIN farmers online learning hub, Backyard Riches. There you get online learning sessions and a private online support group where you can connect with those who are pioneering and tweaking SPIN-Farming around the world. Brainstorm with those who have “been there”, or who are willing to help figure it out if they haven’t. Most do not come from farm families and don’t want to take on the traditional burdens of owning hundreds of acres of land, investing piles of money and making a big lifestyle change. They just want to make money growing food to meet the needs of their local communities. Sound like you? Then join in! Look for the invitation in your email after your purchase.