Income Potential

Living off the land doesn’t mean you have to give up earning a living. You can turn your homestead into a home-based business that is family-oriented,  run on your own terms and  reflective of your values. You can scope it based on  how much time and energy you want to commit, and the resources you have.

Here’s what’s surprising to most people: just because you may have lots of land, you don’t have to use most of it to start and have a 4 or 5 figure farm business.

You might think you need acres, or tens of acres and beyond. Most people think that way. But what we see works best is to start with 1,000 sq. ft/90 sq.m) or less. Refreshing to hear? The key is to start thinking like a farmer rather than a gardener. Once you have mastered continuous production on a small plot, you can quickly ramp up to whatever size matches your ambitions. You can scale the business up and down as your needs and life changes.

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