Hoops Built with Electrical Conduit Pipes

Courtesy of Brenda S., Thompson Street Farm, Glastonbury CT

Electrical conduit pipes work great for hoops. That’s all we use on our beds, and they survived Connecticut’s “Big Snow” last year. We used metal brackets and bolted them to the outside of bed and then used zip ties to hold the cross pipes together. Worked like a charm. They can also be pushed into the ground if you don’t have boxed beds.

We found the pipes at our local Home Depot for 0.95 each for 3/4 inch pipes – which is cheaper and more flexible than PVC pipes. The electrical conduit pipes are grey in color and in the same isle as the zipĀ ties. At least that’s where they are in our store. The other place I’ve found them is in the plumbingĀ aisle with the rest of the PVC pipes. Just remember you want the grey pipes not white.