Video on Building a Cooler Using the Coolbot

Courtesy of Paul, H., Victory Garden Vegetables, Cobourg, ON

I use the CoolBot, and this is the second walk-in cooler I’ve built using a CoolBot and air conditioner.¬†Last summer I made a 20-minute video about its construction and posted it to our website:

I have yet to tabulate the cost figures. What I can say for sure is that this size works great for us right now, and in fact we are still hardly using even a quarter of it. However we still only have about 5000 square feet of land in cultivation right now, so hopefully our use of the cooler will change as we continue expanding!

As far as time expenditure goes, I would very roughly say it probably took 6-8 full days to get built into a usable state, plus another day here and there spent on aesthetics and touch-ups.