Advice on Market Pricing

Courtesy of John S., Blue Ribbon Eggs, Franklin, NC

The best advice I ever got on market pricing was from Robert Plamadon who raises eggs and broilers in Oregon. At first he tried to ‘be price competitive’ and realized that as soon as he had to raise his price a nickel,  the ‘price shoppers’ were gone. No loyalty to your brand. When I was selling eggs I charged about the same price as premium organic eggs in the local groceries because I was selling premium organic eggs, produced locally and my customers became my friends. My profit came from eliminating all the middlemen. That’s where most of new regulations are coming from too. ‘Local Food’ is hurting the bottom line of those who don’t sell direct. .

I would occasionally have someone say, “right now I can get eggs for 99 cents a dozen”.  My response was essentially, “Have at it, it’s your body”.

Another great suggestion on pricing comes from an ATTRA marketing sheet.

“If at at least 10% of your potential customers aren’t walking away shaking their heads, you aren’t charging enough. 20% is better.” I retired from a career in sales,  marketing and branding and that is absolute gospel, no matter what you grow or produce and sell.

We are all producing unique, high quality, locally raised products, and we touch every leaf or root or stem and the customer gets to look the producer in the eye-person to person. They don’t want agribusiness, they want us. Charge a fair price for your work, smile, be polite and charming and let the cheapskates and chiselers walk. Give up on ‘selling everyone’.