New Cropping Strategy, Courtesy of My Local Chain Store

Courtesy of Wally S., Wally’s Urban Market Garden, Saskatoon, SK
My garlic cropping strategy has been dictated by the limited availability of garlic seed. But now I’ve found a way to support significant green garlic sales this time of year, thanks to my  local chain store. I have been buying California and Mexican garlic there for around $3/lb., which is a significant discount to the typical $5+/lb price, and it’s been performing well. The key is to test whether or not it has been treated. I put it into the soil, and see if within a week or so it sends out roots.

As long as I can continue to get untreated garlic, I can continue planting for green/fresh garlic sales all summer and into the fall. I planted this first bed in April and will start harvesting it soon.

SF photo Wally green garlic

I will plant every week going into mid/late summer, as long as the store bought garlic remains viable. I have about 15 SPIN beds in production now, and will try to plant about one bed per week.

I am harvesting the whole plant and selling it in bunches at $3 or 2/$5.

I’ll also be planting more garlic in containers, and selling them for $5.00, but they require a hard sell at market. You need to say they can be used as a cutting green. Stems/leaves give a nice robust flavor without the garlic hangover taste, so that’s the sales pitch. I give them a sample by cutting off with scissors a bit of stem. For your apartment/condo customers another sales point is that it can be grown in room light or on a balcony. You can sell to them many times in the season.

Thanks to SuperStore I am completely changing my green garlic strategy this season.