Pressure Point

Getting to market is crunch time. Prepping, packing, loading, driving, unloading, setting up. It consumes half of your time, determines most, if not all, of your revenue, and the effort is underestimated by most farmers, especially beginners.

It’s getting to be a big pressure point as some of us take on multiple markets and longer commutes. In this refresher course Wally Satzewich talks about how to better manage it all and trade-offs you need to make.

Wally’s spent his entire 30 year career selling at one farmer’s market multiple days a week and has it figured out enough to give you tips to make all the tasks easier, the trade-offs you have to make, and options you might not know you have.

See what you’re in for and how to think it all through in this 1 hour discussion on the good, the bad, and the logistics of selling at farmers markets here.

Selling at a farmers market is a big pressure point of an owner/operated farm because dates are fixed. If you miss a market, there’s no way to make it up. –Wally Satzewich