Recycle Soil into New Product

Courtesy of Brenda S., Thompson Street Farm, Glastonbury CT
I recycle the soil I grow micro greens in, by composting it or selling it. I dump my trays on my compost pile, or I give the soil mat with all the left over bits and pieces to my chickens. I then add their bedding (I use hay only. I don’t use any wood chips for bedding, a recommendation from Eliot Coleman’s book, to my compost pile. I add nothing to my compost other than organic matter. Nature does the rest.

Once everything is broken down, I sift the compost and package it in small bags. I include 2 muslin bags, instructions and sell it at farmers markets as “Henrietta’s Compost Tea.” Gardeners and people that have house plants are my target market. Its not a great seller, but I sell enough to keep it going.

Its green, super easy, and completes the circle of life, and people love the idea. Best part its another way to re-coup your costs. And yes, my chicken’s names are really called Henrietta 1 through 9. If you want their story is on my Facebook page. Two of them have even appeared with me on the Colin McEnroe Show, CT Public Radio – that was crazy. (you see? marketing, marketing, marketing…)