Season’s First Carrot Harvest

Courtesy of Wally S., Wally’s Urban Market Garden, Saskatoon, SK

This back yard plot will provide my first carrot harvest. Due to the late spring, I’m a bit behind. These should be ready in a week or two. I will relay these 4 beds, which are 50 feet long, to spinach.

SPIN photo carrot planting

I will sell through this planting in about 2 – 3 weeks, and the revenue target is $1,000 gross.

Here are more carrots I have planted  at my peri-urban plot. These  2 row beds are about 100 feet long, slated for a late Aug/ early Sept.harvest. I have not watered, and don’t think I will need to.  Carrots are a good crop for non-irrigated areas, as long as you get rain every week or two.

SPIN Photo carrot planting periurban

My storage carrot crop will be coming from a plot in a small town called Pleasantdale. This season I am an urban/suburban/rural farmer. Always did hate to be pigeon-holed.