Tilling Makes SPIN Work

Courtesy of Steve W., Just Farmin’, Liberty Township OH

I also believe in the no-till theory. The SPIN model is not based on no-till, it is based on producing food in an intense, high density planting concept to utilize small spaces to maximize production and profit in an affordable manner.

I’m Spinning on less than an 1/4 acre but the goal over the next couple of years is to get to 2 plus. I’ve been picking up equipment along the way over the last two years.  I have my cooler, TroyBilt Horse, small 3 hp tiller, Earthway seeder, hand tools and installed a 10 X 25 hoop house last year.  Most if not all thanks to Craigslist.

So I’m in my third year of following the SPIN model, and I can tell you that there is no way I could keep up without tilling my beds. I make sure I add my amendments with plenty of organic matter added. I too have seen a huge difference in my soil, soil test and the quality of my produce. If earth worms are an indication of soil structure, I can tell you that we had a hard time finding them when we first started. Today you can’t turn over a shovel of soil and not find several in each scoop. Just my two cents worth.