Member Meetup with Kye Kocher, Grand Trunk Veggies


Once Kye Kocher decided to commit himself to the cause of urban farming, he went from feeling lost and disconnected to being too busy to worry about it. He started and ran his own farm, Grand Trunk Veggies; helped support a growing corps of other SPIN farmers; and constantly pitched consumers on the benefits of local food.

Once he started preaching the gospel of economic stability for urban farmers his agenda got even more crowded. It eventually lead to the formation of an agricultural co-op to provide he and his fellow SPIN farmers with a secure sales channel. But it’s been a tough balancing act between building his own business and building the co-op which today includes 20 farmers and services 1,000 families.

We’ll cram what Kye has learned along the way about empowering farmers, educating consumers and reconfiguring his multi-locational farm to 1/4 acre within less than a mile of his home base, at our next Member Meetup. He says, “I want to destroy the idea that farmers are ignorant, poor people.” Mission accomplished.

WHEN: October 24, 2019, 2pm ET

WHERE: Online

REGISTER: Members can register here.