Seed Buying the SPIN Way


Buying seed for business requires different kinds of decisions. Seed catalogs don’t have the information you need to make the best ones. Their marketing copy might even lead you to make bad ones. Using the SPIN 2.0 Crop Profiles and actual seed catalogs Wally Satzewich will provide the criteria for making sure your seed order makes business sense.

Take squash, as an example. 4 online pages and 69 varieties to choose from. Wally can narrow it down to 2 cropping strategies, 7 varieties, $35 total seed cost, $5k revenue potential. Really.  Learn how to do it, when you by seed the SPIN way here. The two forms – Crop One Sheet and Crop Planning Form can be downloaded in the files area of the Backyard Riches facebook group.

After this video, you’ll know how to set a seed budget – and get the most out of it! WATCH NOW HERE.