Getting beyond the love or money choice

Here’s the first 3 steps to getting started  as a SPIN farmer

#1 Get your farmland
✔ 1,000 sq. ft.
✔ in full sun
✔ with water access
✔ have soil tested if you don’t know its history

Why that size?
✔ can yield a significant amount of food

✔ is a typical size of  backyards or neighborhood/ suburban lots

✔ manageable for a single operator

✔ provides unit to project crop production and market value

✔ supports a simple irrigation setup – just garden hoses

# 2 Grow high-value crops
✔ in demand at market
✔ not the common vegetables or varieties
✔ worth at least $1k/1,000 sq. ft.
✔ examples:
leafy greens
salad mixes ,
lots of others

The next step is the point where a lot of people get hung up but it is actually the easiest.

# 3 Decide which mix of crops you will sell each week and who will buy them.

How? Look in the mirror. It’s yourself. Your first  reward is saving yourself $1k on your grocery bill. Grow what you and your family want to eat. Then expand to your friends and neighbors. You’ve now completed the first lesson in learning how to launch a business!

Ready to start your backyard farm? Choose the model that’s right for you here.

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