EARTH DAY 2021: How far have we come?

If you’re trying to stay positive now, this is the Earth Day discussion for you. Recorded last year, it was originally planned to mark Earth Day’s 50th anniversary. The pandemic gave it a whole new level of urgency.

While Earth Day’s mission and tactics have become a lot more complex and sophisticated over the years, SPIN has remained dedicated to keeping farming simple, and accessible to many more people who might not otherwise think it was possible for them. Like the 4 SPIN farmers you’ll meet in this session.

They span geographies and backgrounds, and each brings a unique perspective on why and how they do what they do. They talk about how influential the ideals and optimism of Earth Day have been in starting and building their farm businesses (some surprises there), and how they’ve found the optimal balance between planet, people and profit.

How are they handling the pandemic? Positively, with revenue targets ranging from $60k to $120k. That’s confidence only experience can produce, and why they are all well worth spending an hour with.

So settle in for some practical and profound insights from long-time SPIN farmers Keri Fox, John Greenwood, Brian Kowalski and Mark Voss here.