Forever Spring

There’s a lot about farming that can’t be reduced to a system, but SPIN-Farming identifies what can be. With its emphasis on standard size growing spaces, quantifying results and achieving income benchmarks, SPIN brings a new rigor to small-scale farming. Go inside a Freight Farm and see how technology is bringing the same rigor to growing crops. The farm’s production process is nearly completely automated – and predictable. Owner Tamara Knott monitors her crops by phone with a farmhand app that tracks lighting times, nutrient dosing, pH management, and climate control. It updates her wherever she goes, and enables her to make changes remotely to keep her growing conditions optimal.

But is the productivity and profitability of these controlled environment systems oversold? Find out from a SPIN farmer who started out gardening the old-fashioned way and now relies on LED’s and computers rather than weather and gardening skills to trick her plants into thinking it is forever spring, and she’s on track to make $120k here.

We clean instead of weed. – Tamara Knott

SPIN-Farming concepts come into play regardless of whether you are using soil or non-soil based systems. Tamara presents her case: Maximum/efficient use of space, and cost benefits. –Wally Satzewich