How You Can Change the World


Put changing the world on your New Year’s resolution list. Here’s how…

In a 2013 survey done by the National Gardening Association, 42 million households reported growing their own food. Anecdotal evidence from seed companies, garden centers and Google searches is that this number is increasing due to the pandemic. But let’s use the 2013 number as a baseline. Let’s say an infinitesimal number of them decide to grow food as their livelihood, .5%. That would mean 210,000 new farmers.

The farm reform movement has been working to change the food system for over a quarter century. While their efforts have focused on major policy changes and government support, the number of farmers has been steadily declining. What’s now holding back progress towards the kind of sustainable/regenerative/organic food system that more and more consumers are saying they want is a lack of producers. So while the gardening path hasn’t been the traditional route to a farming career, you’re on it, if you start looking at your gardening through the eyes of a SPIN farmer. And together with us, you really can change the world. Really. See how you can get started here >>>