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We’re already hearing from those who want to go pro this year. Here’s a typical situation:

“I don’t have a big business goal for 2021 – maybe $1,000? In the past, my goal in the garden has always been to get the seeds to germinate – I didn’t really care if they produced an actual crop, or not, I just wanted the seeds to sprout. Obviously I have to work on changing my mindset if I want this to be a profitable experience. I’ve never really imagined turning a profit from my backyard garden. I’d like to use 2021 as a trial-and-error year for me and I’m not in a rush to do a full-time farm startup yet. I appreciate any advice you can give me.”

Here’s a request we received from an experienced gardener whose situation maybe you can relate to:

“My husband’s employer just announced that his job has been eliminated for good.  Well, I figured one way to make some money is to start selling what I grow.  I don’t know where to begin, but I see lots of people flocking to the farmer’s market and picking up veggies boxes, and I figure people always need food. Just wanted your thoughts on the matter.”

If you’re wondering the same things, contact us, and we’ll email you the 6 steps to going pro you can take right now.   (The one that most gardeners struggle with is actually the easiest).