Join the SPIN Corps


If you want to build a business that provides learning and opportunity for aspiring and established backyard farmers, the SPIN Corps wants you!


As a member of the SPIN Corps, you teach SPIN-Farming, earn extra income, develop entrepreneurial skills, mentor new farmers, and share the camaraderie of the best, most innovative minds in backyard-scale, community-based farming today. Join the SPIN Corps provides your orientation by explaining how the corps works, what you need to know and do to apply, and how SPIN-Farming can be used to teach the business of growing food.

Open to individuals as well as institutions and organizations like schools, churches and non-profits, the SPIN Corps is a way to move people from talk to action. If you want to be at the forefront of the effort to advance the type of farming that anyone can understand, and that more and more want to practice and support, your marching orders are in Join the SPIN Corps!