REFRESHER COURSE: The SPIN Classics: 5 Crops to Make a Living From

There are 5 crops customers can’t get enough of, that are easy to grow regardless of your location, and that are guaranteed to make you money. Learn how to build a 5 and 6 figure business with them in this 1 hour online tutorial, featured all this month in the Backyard Riches members area.

SPIN-Farming’s creator, Wally Satzewich, rips the pages from the Crop Profile guide for each of these 5 classic SPIN crops to review the data on:
✔ Days to harvest
✔ Design
✔ Planting
✔ Yield
✔ Seeding
✔ Cost
✔ Revenue target

Plus he talks strategy and lays out 2 farm plans that produce a payoff for these crops:
Small farm (5,000 sq. ft.) revenue target = $43k
Large farm (20,000 sq. ft.) revenue target = $123k

How to get there? Wally shows you where and how much to plant using SPIN’s 1-2-3 farm design system. Get up-to-speed with how SPIN works and learn how to farm by the numbers using just 5 crops. There’s nothing special about them, and there’s not a micro among them. What puts you ahead is growing and selling them the SPIN way.


Gain a 10 day free trial access to SPIN’s online learning hub, Backyard Riches, to watch The SPIN Classics: 5 Crops to Make a Living From when you buy an SPN guide here.