Now that we’re at war with a virus, farmers are on the front lines to keep food on tables. And it is becoming apparent just how important having local ones really is. That’s why we’re getting lots of emails with this question.

Here’s one from an experienced gardener whose situation is becoming more common. “We just heard from my husband’s employer that he’s been laid off permanently. As he just became licensed (architecture), we had been counting on a raise! Well, I figured one way to make some money is to start a backyard farm. I don’t know where to begin or if it’s even feasible. But, I figure people always need food. But I don’t know where to start. Help!”

She came to the right place. Master SPIN farmer, Wally Satzewich, has 10 questions aspiring backyard farmers should ask themselves, and better yet, the answers. To get them email us with the subject line “Going pro – where do I start”