Member Meetup: Taking Stock/Looking Ahead part 2

Blythe Woods returned to her husband’s family farm to figure out how to reinvent it for the 21st century. Damaris Katt started out on a borrowed 8,000 sq. ft. plot. Blythe’s area farmers markets are strong enough to continue to support growing a business, while Damaris’s failed market is forcing her to create her own delivery vegetable subscription service to nearby office parks. They are both really charged up about 2020, and we’ll find out why, based on their 2019 assessments in 6 key areas: CROPS,PRODUCTION, WORK FLOW, GEAR, MARKETING and REVENUE.

Ring in the New Year with two SPIN farmers who have come a long way in a few years and are now at the stage where a world of opportunities are opening up to them in Taking Stock/Looking Ahead part 2. It’s all good…Sign up information is in your email.