Member Meetup with Tamara Knott, Bright Greens Canada

A high tech SPIN farm’s growing practices are forward-thinking, combining hydroponics with a shipping container and computer controlled growing systems. But its business is still built the old-fashioned way. In this session, Tamara Knott takes you inside her Freight Farm and behind the scenes of her $120k/year business, Bright Greens Canada, to show how she built up both. She makes the same case we all do for maximum/efficient use of space and points out that, whether we grow in soil or in a hydroponic system, plant nutrients are the same. After 4 years in operation, she’s producing picture perfect crops every harvest, has built up a steady customer base of restaurant clients and is targeting $2k a week, year-round, from 3,584 sq. ft. See how a farm where the sun never shines really works from a long-time gardener who’s traded slugs and weeds for chemistry…

WHEN: Sept. 26, 2pm ET

WHERE: online

REGISTER: Members can register here